At Canada Pride Diamonds (A division of E.R.L Diamonds Inc. and E.R.L USA), our years of experience have helped us understand what it is our customers need to improve their Canadian diamond sales, while upholding the standards and reputation of their company. As an upstanding and proud member of The Canadian Code of Conduct, Canada Pride Diamonds abides by all of industry standards to insure that your Canadian diamond is indeed Canadian.

Canada Pride Diamonds specializes in quality Canadian diamonds that are mined in the Northwest Territories and are of the highest standard. With the launch of The Canada Pride Collection, Canada Pride Diamonds has expanded our high standard of quality into the jewellery arena as well. In addition to our Canadian diamonds, we also have an extensive inventory of conflict-free GIA, AGS, IGI and HRD diamonds of all shapes and sizes for our clients. With offices in Israel and Seattle, and our headquarters in Vancouver, we are confident that we can locate any diamond you might require.

We look forward to providing you with all your diamond needs!